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Wednesday, February 7th, 2001

07.02.2001 E-Mail von

STEVE J TOTH schrieb:
Mein name ist StephenToth. Ich wohne aus St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch. Ich hoffe Sie English sprechen.
My name is Stephen Toth. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I found your E-mail address on a Banater Schwaben website. I assume you are involved
in genealogy in some way. My grandmother, Margaret Ortmann was born in Orzydorf, Hungary (Ortisoara, Romania) on October 9, 1879.
She married Nicolas Toth in Orzydorf on March 2, 1900. My uncle and two aunts were born in Orzydorf:
Nicolas March 1, 1901
Katherine September 4, 1902
Helen March 4, 1905
My grandfather was born on June 7, 1875 in Schestlog, Hungary. The town name may be mispelled. I cannot locate it on any map.
It was probably close to Orzydorf. My grandfather sailed to the USA on the SS Carpathia from Fiume, Hungary (now Rejicka, Croatia)
on February 9, 1906. The rest of the family sailed later in 1906. I am interested in finding out about Ortmanns in Orzydorf and Toths in the same area.
I am copying Josef Eipert of Orzydorf on this E-mail because his name was on the same genealogy list. I hope I am not imposing on you.
I look forward to hearing anything about Orzydorf or the Ortmann or Toth families. Thank you for any help you may give me.
Danke fur ergendein Helfe Sie mich geben.

Stephen Toth
1835 Elmsford Lane
Chesterfield (St. Louis), Missouri 63005