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Sunday, April 8th, 2001

08.04.2001 E-Mail von Erhard Schmelzer []

Sehr geehrter Herr Eduard Ortmann, Das Heimatbuch von Orczydorf habe ich inzwischen schon erhalten und auch schon gelesen. Schönsten Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Allerdings hätte ich noch eine Frage an Sie zur Seite 399 des Heimatbuches: Wer waren die Eltern und Geschwister von Johann Schmelzer, Haus Nr. 124 ? Ich hoffe Sie können und wollen mir noch einmal helfen.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen: Erhard Schmelzer.

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Saturday, April 7th, 2001

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Dear Eduard:
Thank you for your response, I never expected it. I am so thrilled with your site and would love to see more pictures of the villiage. Below is information on my grandmother Anna Agnes RUMP, her sister and brother in law and his family. I thought it might interest you. Again…thank you for your hard work on the ORZYDORF Site.
Gale Horstmeyer Smith
Cincinnnati, Ohio, USA

Anna Agnes Rump, born: June 28, 1893, Orzydorf, Hungary Died: January 04, 1966, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. Believed to have
come to US in 1910 on the Darmstadt. We believe her fathers name was John and mother Christina, her mother died when she was young, in child birth and her
father remarried. We do not know her stepmothers name, but would love to.
Married John J. or Philip Berger in Cincinnati, Ohio March 3, 1913 John Berger was born: February 06, 1891 in Woiteg.
Died: November 17, 1934. His occupation was a Barber and Worked for French-Bauer Dairy in Cincinnati during the depression, up until his death.
Anna and John had 6 children. My mother the youngest is P. Evelyn Berger Horstmeyer.
Magdalena Rump, born May 11, 1889 in Orzydorf, Hungary Died, Abt. 1937 Sandusky, Michigan
RUMP Magdalena -[R510]- Age: 16 -From: Orzydorf
-DtAr: Monday, 26 Feb 1906 – To: St. Louis, MO -Via: Fiu/NY-Ship: Carpathia
-Note: Going to join uncle, Josef Fischer. (Thanks to Dave Dreyer’s ship list (
Married to (in 1910 Cincinnati, Ohio), her husband was: Jacob Frederick, born: July 14, 1888 in Orzydorf. Died: March 1946 in Michigan
Jacob’s father:
Jacob, Sr. Friedrich (Changed spelling on arrival to US to Frederick) Born: 1861 in Orzydorf, Austria-Hungary Jacob, Sr. was married to Elizabeth
Rollinger, born in 1866, Orzydorf. He died in 1933 in Michigan. He was a Tailor/farmer, came to USA on the Carpathian in 1910.
Jacob Sr was 5’2 and wore size 13 shoe, They were tenant farmers in Europe. Frederich Family History; as told by Kaitlin Frederich (Frederick) Reiner,
1899-1992, to her granddaughter Diane Vincent. Jacob Frederich was born in Orzydorf, Austria-Hungary in 1861. He was an
entrepreneurial…a tailor and farmer who raised tobacco and grapes. He cut his tabacco in a handmade machine and sold cigarettes to soldiers. He also
made wine and sold wine from his own grapes. Although the Frederich’s owned their own house, the land they worked belonged to a judge. (Katie’s recollection is that the judge was a circuit judge, wealthy and socially prominent.) Jacob grafted grape vines in the judge’s vineyards. The judge was also very interested and successful in
horse breeding. Jacob raised horses for the judge and sold them all over Europe, traveling as far as England, on at least one occasion. He and the horses
traveled by train. (He reportedly didn’t care for the English finding them cold and unfriendly to foreigners. He loved Paris and Budapest.)
Jacob spoke seven languages: German, Hungarian, Rumanian, Slavic, Polish, Italian and Austrian. He attended school to the 6th grade.
Jacob was an indulgent father, often bringing treats and stories back from his horseselling trips.
Jacob, Sr. parents: George Frederich, Marie Pleshette