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e Chuai miss their one after one generation devolution of culture aware of self, in fact I can affirm to here bury many hard speech-like in shape mental tragedies and household conflict, the household that lived in the library down stairs for several a hundred years is very worth to sympathize with. Posterity descendant’s canning not help will produce a kind of curious, what kind are the upstairs actually?Exactly have which books, can borrow to see?The kin friend will even again and again and mutually ask, as your Mi mansion of household generation oblation, can make us have a liking for one eye? Fan Qin and his inherit to early anticipate this kind of may, and anticipate library building meeting because this kind of intravenous drop may but collapse, as a result have already previously preventfrom.They drew up a strict punishment rule for household, punishment contents is saw as the biggest humiliation at that time of not to took part in to worship ancestors big Dian, because this kind MAC Cosmetics of punishment meant at household blood relationship up bright”yellow card”, still had to be serious than the type of Zhang responsibility whip Chi.Punish rule to mark clearly:The descendant without cause opens the door into a Ge and punish not and the fiesta is 3 times;The that is private to get friends and relatives to go into Ge and be good at to open bookcase punishes not to is a year with fiesta;Be good at to lend a library to go out building and his Xing Zhe, punish not xzjingbk and fiesta 3 years, as a result the one who mortgage trouble, in addition to making track for Cheng, always go to discard to pursue, not get and fiesta. Here, have to speak that to that I thought of all very sad affairs each time.The Jia celebrates an in year, rather wave knows the mansion Qiu iron Qing of inside niece’s money’s embroidering Yun is a miss of cool love poem book, on wishing and ascending heaven a Ge to read some book, unexpectedly want to know that the mansion made Mei to marry Fan Jia.Modern socialologist probably will the responsibility ask money miss you actually marry a book to still keep marrying a person, but in my eyes, she neither thinks greatly of money nor thinks greatly of power in the marriage not very free ages, wants to lend marry to read more some book, always is still very affecting.But she ten thousand ten thousand don’t thought of, after oneself became a Fan Jia daughter-in-law, still can not go up to upper floor, a kind of parlance is a clan rules to forbid women’s going up to upper floor, Cheap MAC Makeup another parlance is the building Fan Jia’s descendant that she marries at that time already belong to side pay.Anyway money’s embroidering Yun don’t see any book of one Ge in the sky, Yu Yu discount mac cosmetics but eventually. Today, be I raise head to look up at one Ge in the s

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